Fiammastore repair instruction

Fiammastore repair instruction

You will find documents here that will help you to adjust and / or replace parts for your Fiamma awning.

Issue File download
Arms replacement (F45s, F45L)
Fabric replacement (F45s, F45L)
Lead bar does not close properly (F45s, F45L)
Lead bar inclined (F45s, F45L)
Lead bar inclined (F65s, F65L)
Fabric replacement (F65s, F65L)
Lead bar not closing on the
side opposite the winch (F1, F45 Plus, F50, F60, F65 Top)
Changing the canopy (F1, F45 Plus, F50, F60, F65 Top)
Arms regulation (F1, F45 Plus, F50, F60, F65 Top)
Roller Support Wheel F45i
Trouble shooting guide (F45 Plus, F45 Ti)